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Keep your premises weapon-free.

Weapons laws vary widely across states, enough that you may not even have the right to drive across state lines with a weapon you've legally purchased in a neighboring state. One thing is true of all business owners and proprietors across the U.S., though – no one wants to have a violent incident where they live or work.

Whether we're gun-control advocates or avid knife collectors, we all want to have a say in whether or not someone can enter our premises with a weapon – we want to have a choice. That's why signs that say "No weapons!" are so important. If we don't have the freedom to choose to keep weapons off property if that's the way we want it, the right to bear arms loses its meaning.

Here, you'll learn about no weapons signage, its legal ramifications and we'll go in-depth with some arguments, pro and con.

This sign is effective because of its simplicity.
No Weapons Allowed Signs
In fact, it's the simplest no firearms sign on the market. The sign lacks text; instead it features a handgun inside a "no" symbol. Whether you speak English or Mandarin, no one can mistake this sign's message.
This sign touches on concealed carry laws…
No Weapon Signs
…which are in effect when licensed gun owners to carry their weapon in public, but that weapon is hidden from a casual observer.

The ability to carry weapons in a vehicle with or without a license varies by state
No Gun Signs
Some states allow private property owners to prohibit gun owners from carrying firearms in vehicles parked in their private lot.
More than 1/3 of all U.S. households have guns in them.
No Firearms Signs
In 2007, gun violence  killed 3,067 American children and teens between 0-19 (an average of nine a day). 138 of these deaths were unintentional…
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